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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Securing Your Service

3 November 2010 by Darren Taylor

I am enjoying the discipline of producing periodic blogs as part of my Head of Customer Service role. There is a structure in place whereby I am asked by our Communications Director to participate and his department keep me in check by requesting my copy. Without the request or the chasing then I may quickly stop producing my view of the world.

Why am I telling you this, you might ask? We have a secure system albeit simple that relies on structure and discipline to get results. I see a similarity with information security.

Security is quickly becoming a buzz word in IT as companies look to capitalize on enhancing their software and services to make them more “secure”. Throughout my career I’ve known few people who have put security at the top of their list of concerns aside from banks. Let’s face it; security can be a tiresome subject. Security doesn’t provide a quick highly visible benefit like speed, availability or usability.

However, I see security like the brakes on a car. You can drive a super fast F1 car maintained by an awesome team, but if you’ve not paid attention to the brakes then when the unexpected happens – and it always will at some unpredictable moment; see the black swan theory – then it can literally kill you. A failed interface or slower speed can cause customer complaints, but failed security can get you sued and permanently damage your brand.

I love great service and any company that isn’t willing to take my data seriously is not offering me great service. On the surface all will be well, but great service is putting procedures in place to ensure the brakes on my super car never let me down. I will always forgive and forget people who scratch my car, but it may not be possible to forgive if all your data has been compromised.

At UKFast we are ISO 27001 certified. This gives me confidence that we have controls in place to manage information securely. We also offer and encourage our clients to use the ProProtection package. I’m not here to sell you the benefits of our offerings, but I would encourage you to see what security you have and discover how we could help ensure your brakes never let you down.