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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Tip AND Treat Friday

29 October 2010 by Stephen McNamara

As it’s Friday, we’re going to offer a tip and a treat today.

Unless you’ve been fairly well hidden under a rock, you’ll probably know that tickets for Take That went on sale earlier this week. Naturally, those lucky online businesses who sell the tickets have been ready and prepared for the onslaught of fans – or have they?

In actual fact, it seems that all the big name ticket sites have failed to prepare for the demand and none of them had the vision to see the opportunity ahead.

Users want immediacy and when a site is slow or unavailable, they will simple try the next one in the search results – especially when they are trying to get hold of something that is in limited supply. It’s not just today’s loss that the initial site sustains but the next time that user tries to buy tickets they will go back to the last place they were successful. Buying tickets is a race against time!

It’s not just about tickets however, when the news of the Northern Rock crash happened, customers raced to their computers and all tried to gain information. The site was not ready for such traffic and the bank’s servers simply collapsed. Customers panicked, phone lines became jammed and queues formed outside local branches.

Companies can sustain huge brand damage when they do not anticipate demand accurately. While not many businesses experience the kind of spikes in traffic that ticket sites have just had, or Northern Rock suffered in Autumn 2007, we all have busy times online. It pays to make sure you are ready to deliver a great service to every enthusiastic user.

At UKFast we host gaming sites and large corporates that appear in TV commercials during the UK’s most popular programmes. They work closely with us to make sure that their hosting is good enough to maximise on the peaks in traffic this exposure brings. It’s always wise to plan ahead and make sure that you’ve got the ammo you need to collect as much as possible on your biggest pay days.

Don’t leave things to chance and lose out to a more prepared rival. I think there’ll be a few ticket company execs shaking their heads this week and wishing they had anticipated just how big the reforming of the band would be.

And from one form of musical entertainment to another, the best answer to the following question will win two tickets to join UKFast at a Manchester Camerata concert this season. The Camerata are the North West’s premier Chamber Orchestra and watching them is an incredible experience. The new season is full of adventurous world firsts and we’d love to treat you to a truly memorable evening.

So, please send me your online shopping stories about sites that lost out because they simply weren’t there when you needed them. Maybe you’ve tried to buy Take That tickets yourself this week and ended up buying from one of the smaller vendors because the big players were out of action? Or perhaps you actually have a retailer that you always shop at because they are always there? Place your comments here and the best can join UKFast and the Camerata this season.