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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Caring the Carbon Way

21 October 2010 by Darren Taylor

I am head of customer service for UKFast. I am a husband. I am a singer. I am a friend. I am a brother. Like everyone I am many different things. From time to time I like to reflect on this and think about what the impact is, of all of the things I do. This includes how I treat other people and my environment.

I pride myself on how I manage my relationships, looking my best and having a tidy house and lovely garden. Why do some people care and why do some people not? At a young age I recall being scolded by my mother for littering and I’ve never done it again. I am dismayed by some people’s lack of respect as they abuse their environment.

In the past decade I can really see a difference in attitudes towards being green and specifically corporations. We are starting to do our part to make a difference. As such, I am genuinely very proud to be working for a carbon neutral company.

UKFast’s Carbon neutral status doesn’t come cheap, but it shows that our company cares and that matters to me. Did you realise a blog has a carbon footprint? I’m almost feeling guilty as I write this, but I did walk three miles this morning and my blog is hosted in our carbon neutral servers – phew!

Excellent customer service that can create ‘Raving Fans,’ requires many key ingredients. Caring is like the egg in a cake mixture. It binds everything together and is a requirement. Our carbon neutral status should demonstrate that we care and as a result I’m hopeful that it will attract like-minded caring individuals to join our team or to come and do business with us.

If you truly care then take action now and you will have the foundations to better serve your customers, family or the planet.