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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Super Friday for our Super Service Staff

11 October 2010 by Darren Taylor

I’m a raving fan of Customer Service Week. We’ve had a really successful one celebrating and focusing on the importance of excellent service.

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The Dark Knight of Customer Service

I ended the week dressed as Batman the Dark Knight, but my approach to championing service has been anything but stealthy. Friday was the day to thank all our service superstars at UKFast. Our team have produced their own book of favourite service stories and nominated each other for a series of service awards. We’ve started work on building our own customer service credo and visited local clients to say hello and find out what matters to them.

Customer service means ‘different strokes to different folks’ and to continually improve our service we need to listen and understand what is important to each client. Bruce Waynes (Batman) said: “Criminals aren’t complicated, Alfred. Just have to figure out what he’s after.” Dressed as Batman I say: “Customers aren’t complicated. You just have to figure out what they’re after.”

It was a pleasure to meet many of our clients this week without focusing on the usual support or sales topics. I’ve learned more about what really matters to our clients and can now start turning feedback into concrete actions. A customer friendly attitude and excellent honest communication are highly valued by our clients and it is great to hear such simple messages resonating with my own personal views. I would add that managing and exceeding people’s expectations is the other key element needed to create raving fans. To achieve raving fan service you need to have the right people and ensure they are empowered to deliver.

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Krispy Kreme’s and a Friendly Hello to Clients

I met some young students today in a sandwich shop who said that dedicating yourself to customer service was ‘sad’. I smiled and asked what they were studying and one girl replied ‘marketing’. I hope they grow to realise that customer service is not simply one department of scripted call centre workers. It is time we expanded our definition of service and started to reconsider who our customers are. Internal IT support, design teams, office cleaners and assistants are all customer service roles. We are moving mountains to ensure our team recognise this and let’s hope our future business leaders don’t lose sight of how vital excellent customer service is.

I’m excited to see the video summarising our National Customer Service Week and sharing it with our clients and friends. I hope you took the time last week to thank those people who really cared and delivered more than you expected. Occasionally things will go wrong and people will have a bad day and this is when the true service superstars shine.

This week has demonstrated that our team cares about great service and can have fun making it happen. I’m fired up and ready to continue our journey of delivering raving fan service ‘to infinity and beyond’.

Ross Keeping, Head of Customer Service


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