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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Tip AND Treat Friday

29.10.2010 by Stephen McNamara

As it's Friday, we're going to offer a tip and a treat today. Unless you've been fairly well hidden under a rock, you'll probably know that tickets for Take That went on sale earlier this week. Naturally, those lucky online businesses who sell the tickets have been ready and prepared for the onslaught of fans - or have they? In actual fact, it seems that all the big name ticket sites have failed to prepare for the demand and none of them had the vision to see the opportunity ahead. Users want immediacy and when a site is slow or…

A Season of Service Goodwill

27.10.2010 by Darren Taylor

You can never guarantee that nothing will go wrong in service. Simple mistakes or oversights can quickly damage your customer's perception of your company. For example: You order a rare steak and the chef cooks it medium. The garage promises…

Tech tip? Or Top Tech?

26.10.2010 by James Crawshaw

I've previously posted up links to free downloadable eBooks regarding techologies and thanks to the guys over at Microsoft Press - there are now a plethora of new ones available to help you. Take a look at the following top…

Watch Out This Tip or Treat Week

25.10.2010 by Lady Penelope

As Halloween approaches, every day this week we are bringing you either a "Tip or Treat" from the team here at UKFast. Keep your eyes peeled for a wealth of technical tips and a selection of exciting freebies, available through…

Environmental Innovation – PR Tool or Green Philanthropy?

22.10.2010 by Mother Superior

This week marks a momentous occasion for us with the launch of UKFast Energy's three step plan that sees in-house generation of clean energy through the production of hydro-power plants in Wales and Scotland. Our three step plan consists of:…

What Does Carbon Neutrality Mean for Information Security at UKFast?

22.10.2010 by The Brigadier

Good 'green' practices and robust information security are doctrines that most consider to be polar opposites in social philosophies. Talk of 'green practices' and 'carbon neutrality' conjures up images of reduced product quality and ill-conceived environmental controls in order to…

Caring the Carbon Way

21.10.2010 by Darren Taylor

I am head of customer service for UKFast. I am a husband. I am a singer. I am a friend. I am a brother. Like everyone I am many different things. From time to time I like to reflect on…

We’re 100% Carbon Neutral and Proud!

19.10.2010 by Stephen McNamara

Finally we can reveal the big news...UKFast is a 100% carbon neutral hosting company! This means that not only our company itself, but also all of the solutions we offer to our clients, are entirely carbon neutral - free of…

Microsoft to ban sick PCs?

18.10.2010 by Lady Penelope

A senior Microsoft researcher has this week been arguing that PCs infected with a virus should be blocked from the internet. Scott Charney, the corporate vice president for Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing, wrote in a blog post that infected computers should…

Corona’s Facebook Campaign: How to Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

15.10.2010 by Stephen McNamara

I recently came across an article in Mashable about Corona Light's new campaign whereby people can use a Facebook App to upload a picture of themselves to a Times Square billboard. This recent campaign by Corona Light is in my…