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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast Monitoring Helps You Sleep Easy

30 September 2010 by Stephen McNamara

So, you’ve had your new ecommerce website build, chosen your provider, deployed your servers and are ready to go live. Now, you just need to know what is happening with your site at all times.
Is it working? OK, but is it working properly? How do you know for sure?

The R&D team here at UKFast have been working behind the scenes making all of our lives easier, as usual; and ensuring we can sleep easy at night knowing for sure that our solutions are working correctly. We’re constantly increasing the number of services and applications we can monitor and also making the reporting off the back of the alerting more and more advanced.

Here’s a little snapshot of what we’re monitoring these days and whether this monitoring is “basic” or “advanced”.

Basic monitoring essentially means we are just checking if something is responding (but does not guarantee the service is 100% operational) and is a good basic and simple check.

The Advanced checks go into a bit more detail and check for specific responses, values or limits.

DNS                      Basic                Monitor DNS service is up
FTP                       Basic                Monitor FTP service is up
HTTP                    Basic                 Monitor Port 80 (http) is up
HTTPS                 Basic                 Monitor Port 443 (https) is up
IMAP                     Basic                Monitor IMAP is up
MySQL                 Basic                 Monitor MySQL is up
Ping                      Basic                 Monitor device is up
POP3                    Basic                 Monitor POP3 is up
SMTP                    Basic                Monitor SMTP is up
JBOSS                  Basic                Monitor JBOSS is up on port 8080
SQL                       Basic                Monitor MSSQL is up
UKFSQL               Basic                Monitor MSSQL is up on port 1334
PROCESS            Basic                Monitor a process is running
MYSQLCONN      Advanced       Monitor the number of MySQL connections (warning can be issued at 2 thresholds)
MYSQLREPL       Advanced       Monitor MySQL replication delay (warning can be issue at 2 separate thresholds)
URL                       Advanced       Monitor a URL (supports both HTTP & HTTPS and can check for contents on page)

Not only can we monitor all of the above with no difficulty, but our IT Director has also laid down the gauntlet stating that he believes that there is nothing in a server that we cannot monitor!