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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google Search Results in an Instant

15 September 2010 by Lady Penelope

UKFast has always prioritised speed and is pleased to see that Google is doing the same with its latest release, Google Instant.

The new speed enhanced search makes searching online a lot faster.

If everyone uses Google Instant globally, the internet giant estimates this will save around 11 hours with each passing second.

A Google engineer, Ben Gomes reveals, “Our key design challenge was to make sure people would notice relevant results without being distracted.”

By predicting a search and showing results before finishing typing, this saves approximately 2-5 seconds per search making many searches much faster.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, these predictions help to guide your search. The top prediction is in the search box so you can stop typing when you see what you want. As soon as you start typing, results appear straight away.

Google has decided to create a technical solution rather than invest in greater server capacity. Initial trials revealed some problems, such as results appearing slowly or in a too complex form. However, these issues were overcome after continued user experiments.

The solution involved a range of technical measures including new catches that can cope with high refresh rates which will be need because of the faster searches.