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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

10 August 2010 by The Brigadier


At UKFast we are often asked about our business continuity plans. However, on many occasions this has to be pointed straight back at the questioner.

We start by identifying every critical inward and outward facing business process and list it in order of criticality.  All the information assets involved in each process are identified and referenced to an information asset register.

For each of the services, the risks are identified as well as the possible business continuity impacts that they would have on the business should they occur.  This can range in seriousness from the loss of site access through to the loss of site.

The risks are prioritised in terms of their impact and the business continuity planning process makes arrangements to tackle these risks in the order identified by the risk assessment process.

UKFast’s business continuity plans address all of our company’s activities and ensure that adequate resources are available to provide continuity to all information security assets. This includes taking appropriate steps for the protection of our team and all information processing facilities.

Our business continuity plans are maintained within a set framework and are subject to continual testing, maintenance and improvement.

You may be able to gauge that our BCP regime is extensive but this is in part because there are a number business continuity scenarios that would affect both our own company and our client’s business processes.

At UKFast we offer solutions to all of our clients that ensure if such scenarios were to occur, they would do so without an effect to their business processes.

In summary, the UKFast business continuity plans consider UKFast business continuity and specifically our network first, in the event of a BC scenario. There are a number of scenarios that will only directly affect UKFast business processes and a number of scenarios that will affect both UKFast and UKFast Client business processes.

So…what is your business continuity plan?