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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Are Ambitious People Threats or Opportunities?

28 July 2010 by Mother Superior

Yesterday, UKFast visited Salford University to talk to graduates about job opportunities in the North West. The session came at the end of a five day workshop about employability. With our overview of the business scene we were asked to present to the students about finding your perfect employer, approaching them, preparing for interview and generally making a great impression.

We were with the students for just over an hour and they had lots of questions, which was just as well, because one of the key points (about interviews) was to take in as many good questions as you can think of. I am always impressed by a candidate who turns the tables on me and starts to interview the business to discover its suitability for them!

One question came up that particularly interested me. A young man asked, “If I am interested in running my own business in the future, should I tell the interviewer this? Should I allow them to know that I am this ambitious?”

I could tell that they were not expecting my answer. I said “Yes, you need to let them know your vision, your goals and passion for success.” The man looked confused and asked, “What if this puts him off?” I responded, “Then it’s not the right job for you.”

It reminded me that in business there can often be a ‘watch your back’ mentality. The student was afraid that a manager or business owner would see him as a threat and might be worried that he would either be after their job or looking to learn from them in order to set up against them.

At UKFast we take a different stance. We see people with ambition as an opportunity. We consider the contribution that they can make to the journey our business is on. We also recognise that they could well become our leaders of the future and we embrace this possibility.

The ‘right fit’ in recruitment works in a number of ways. Most of the students entered the room focusing on their skills as the main aspect that would get them their dream job. They left it, however, thinking about how to promote the attributes that make them the person they are and wondering what ‘kind’ of business would meet their needs.