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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Building a Strong Online Future

27 July 2010 by Lady Penelope

Since UKFast launched the ‘Building online Britain’ GTI scheme (Growth Through Innovation) we’ve been collaborating with online pioneers to share industry knowledge and skills with UK businesses. The purpose behind the philanthropy is to give those who want to conquer the digital market a little nudge in the right direction.

For the past eight months, UKFast has been partnering up with business masterminds to research and promote a better online environment for UK businesses, focusing on aspects such as innovation, speed, service and security, we call these ‘the round tables’.

Since we first started, we’ve been lucky to have had some majorly influential people itching to be involved, and with the likes of Travelzoo’s MD, Joel Brandon-Bravo, and Nick Brown, Chief Exec of Eazyfone, walking through our doors, you really would have to be barking mad not to lap up all the advice that’s being presented to you on a silver platter.

The B.O.B. campaign itself started out as a hosting fund that offers a £1000 share to businesses of £1million towards building your company online.  However, the campaign has since escalated into so much more, especially since our research unearthed some distressing figures about the lack of businesses online.

There has been a 45 per cent growth in online sales over the past two years (IMRG) but, somehow and somewhere 90 per cent of online businesses are failing. With such a berth of opportunity waiting for new and niche products and services to enter the market, there’s no reason not to be online and taking advantage of what’s sitting at a screen right in front of you.

The round tables have discussed numerous topics, such as ecommerce, online law and the marketing mix as well as getting the most from SEO. We created the series of online resources to educate SMBs and get them to the top of their game which is why there’s a wealth of information at your finger tips to push you in the right direction and accelerate your website.

In a two weeks time UKFast will host yet another round table, the topic; PCI Compliance. We can guarantee that the conversations that flow on that afternoon will be too good to forget about, so make sure that you keep your eye on the entrepreneur prize and watch out for the round up at the end of July.

Sleep with one eye open there are exciting things coming your way.