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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

North West Businesses Clamp Down on Twitter

22 July 2010 by Lady Penelope

As China renews Google’s internet licence after pledging to accept their censorship laws, it seems that the UK, and in particular the North West, isn’t that far removed from its eastern cousins when it comes to social media censorship.

Following the clamp down at Manchester United FC, Coronation Street cast members have become the latest high-profile employees to be banned from social media websites, as North West businesses take a tougher stance on Twitter and Facebook.

While the Red Devils decided to take preventative measures by banning their team from social networking sites and taking control of all player profiles, Coronation Street has made the set a ‘mobile and tweet-free zone’. Although the move has been linked to a number of storyline leaks, cast members have also been threatened with disciplinary action for posting inappropriate photos that would portray The Street in a bad light.

Considering that marketing campaigns and even elections can now be won and lost through social media, are these measures a little draconian in a modern, technological age?

Certainly, at UKFast it is our job to encourage our employees to use social networking sites such as Twitter. After spending time developing a strong community culture, we can be confident that they will reflect our brand and company ethos both inside and outside of working hours. By being united on a common goal we can deliver a unified message and make sure that everyone is Tweeting from the same page.

Just as Twitter and Facebook enable stars from the screen and the sporting world to connect with their fans and make them appear more attainable to the average supporter, social media is invaluable for a customer-focused company like ours. Enabling us to communicate directly with customers and clients alike, social media is an important tool for transparency and businesses must not be afraid to let their employees loose on it.