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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

LINX connectivity causes problems for UK internet

21 July 2010 by James Crawshaw

At approximately 14.25 on Wednesday 21st July the London Internet Exchange (LINX) experienced a power outage in one of its data centres, causing connectivity issues for internet users logging into services and onto the World Wide Web.

For around 20 minutes the service disruption was intermittent for users, causing confusion in relation to the actual problem. Websites were loading slowly or timing out, while businesses logging into web based applications are likely to have lost connection.

Neil Lathwood our IT Director here at UKFast, was quick to recognise the problem, having analysed traffic graphs on the LINX website. At approximately 14.45, traffic on the graphs dropped off considerably as LINX was able to re-route services through an alternative stable channel.

“Because we manage the hosting for mission critical websites day in day out, we were initially inundated with calls from clients worried about their services,” says Neil. Our team have had to explain that the connectivity issues people are experiencing have no bearing on the stability of their hosting solutions which remain online and available.”

Neil noticed that the phones stopped ringing with such ferocity at the point that the traffic graphs dropped – showing that users had been redirected and were now able to once again access their services.

One of the world’s largest exchange points, LINX is used by many connectivity ISPs across the UK. So a great many businesses and consumers connecting to the internet through a UK ISP are likely to be affected today.