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The Times, the Wall Before the Paywall

28.6.2010 by Stephen McNamara

Murdoch's bold move into paid-for news online gets its first results. Our recent round table suggested that people would take an instant dislike to paying for their news. It was argued that there would always be someone who could offer the same news for free online however, some experts suggested that if anyone could find a way to make online news pay, it would be Rupert Murdoch. The Times is taking a tiered approach to the paywall. Currently, it does not cost us to read news from the site, but we must register. Already this is causing a fairly substantial…

What does the emergency Budget mean for you?

25.6.2010 by Stephen McNamara

In the wake of the emergency Budget announcement, we have been looking at what it means for the technology and digital industry and for entrepreneurs. While green IT and the National Programme for IT took a back seat in George…

Mobile App Market to Double by 2014

24.6.2010 by Lady Penelope

Following on from our last post about the coming rise in mobile retailing, the latest research indicates that mobile applications are also set for a boom in the next few years. A recent report from Juniper Research has revealed that…

Mobile Retailing to Double by 2013

15.6.2010 by Lady Penelope

A survey released last week suggests that the amount of internet shopping sales made via mobile phones will more than double by 2013. The report, which was carried out by analysts Verdict and Ovum, shows that mobile transactions accounted for…

June 2010 Security Bulletin Release

10.6.2010 by James Crawshaw

As mentioned in the previous post on this months security bulletin releases, there are confirmed to be 10 bulletins addressing 34 vulnerabilities. Refer to this page for details on all updates released this month. 3 have a severity rating of…

June 2010 Security Bulletin Release Advance Notification

7.6.2010 by James Crawshaw

This 'Patch Tuesday' - for June 2010 - sees the release of 10 bulletins addressing 34 vulnerabilities. Six of the bulletins affect Windows; of those, two carry a Critical severity rating and four are rated Important. Two of the bulletins,…