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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Secret of Great Customer Service

26 April 2010 by Lady Penelope

In a customer service or sales environment how do you achieve a call pick-up time of 0.43 seconds? Or a ticket resolution time of 8 minutes 26 seconds? Or an award for Best Customer Service within your sector?

UKFast is working hard to find the answer to this and currently our customer satisfaction rate is 97% positive! Of course, this level of satisfaction is borne out of a combination of the quality of our products and a high level of service.  Whilst service is clearly people driven, our products are also a result of forward-thinking innovative teams.

A passionate team is the key to achieving customer satisfaction, but passion for a company and its customers is not something you can enforce. So it stands to reason that a team whose members are passionate and driven is the Holy Grail for any service-based enterprise.

The passion for excellence within any organisation has to be employee led and has to come from within.  A team that whole-heartedly believes in a business and goes over-and-above the call of duty in terms of service can only be stimulated – not created.  A starting point is to recruit friendly, enthusiastic, positive and hard-working people (it is a commonly held belief that the quality of an organisation comes from the quality of the people that run it) and then provide them with the environment they need to exercise this enthusiasm through their work.  If a team works with a great product, has access to the best equipment and works in an environment with positive, high-achieving, like-minded colleagues, a collective passion to consistently do an outstanding job will swell within the organisation.  Then collectively celebrating company achievements with the whole team will ensure a sustainability of both the momentum of success and a positive workplace atmosphere.

Passion is infectious.  If you can achieve it, it will run through every vein of your organisation and will rub off on new starters, team members at all levels, clients and perhaps most importantly – potential clients. 


The passion that runs through the team at UKFast has led to us winning the Customer Service award at the ISPAs and as our team continues to grow so does the excitement for what we will continue to achieve.

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