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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google Confirms Faster Sites Rank Higher

13 April 2010 by Stephen McNamara

Supporting what we have long known at City Tower, Google has followed up comments made by Matt Cutts in November by confirming that site speed is now a ranking factor in its SEO algorithm.

According to a blog post published on Friday, faster sites not only improve user experience and reduce operating costs, but now thanks to Google, appear higher in search rankings.

While changes to the algorithm are usually closely guarded, the transparency of this latest update offers a refreshing insight into Google’s attempt to create a better experience for users.

With research suggesting that even a half-second delay can encourage users to look elsewhere, speeding up websites has been confirmed as an essential factor in customer retention and helping site owners achieve that elusive page 1 spot. If only someone had figured this out before…

Already in place for US searches, speed will now be considered across the board. As you would expect, relevance will still weigh most heavily but it is great to see that Google is encouraging other businesses to take speed and in turn the customer experience very seriously.

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