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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Building a Team the UKFast Way

25 March 2010 by Lady Penelope

Team-building is a widely used term in business referring to activities that improve team performance. There are companies dedicated to providing Team Building sessions, days and breaks which promise to ‘improve company performance’ and ‘tackle workplace issues.’ One question springs to mind: why would businesses want to place the responsibility of building their teams with companies who have no knowledge of your business or team members?

There is no doubt that events companies can plan exciting and enjoyable corporate days, but it remains that these events on the whole are co-ordinated by people who have no prior knowledge of your purpose and objectives.

UKFast have a unique company facility for team-building. The centre at the foot of Mount Snowdon is used by our team members all year round (come rain or shine) for training and leisure! Teams that visit will climb Mount Snowdon, build rafts to navigate the lake and take place in an archery tournament. These are just a taste of the different activities that are planned for each visit to the centre. What the facility allows is the chance to execute custom made team-building exercises unique to UKFast and our teams. With the training centre at Snowdon there is complete flexibility and freedom to try out new exercises and repeat those activities that were previously successful.

And it’s not all physical exertion either! The UKFast training centre is set by an idyllic lake in the middle of Wales and provides the ideal location for relaxing and bonding with colleagues outside of the work environment.

Next time you sign up to use the services of a team-building events company it would be worth it to stop and think whether they will really understand your team and your company. What team-building environments could you create on your own? How much more successful would these be for improving team performance?

Building your teams should be focussed on their needs and the needs of your business and where better to do this than in an environment that perfectly represents that!