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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

An Electric Induction at UKFast

22 March 2010 by Lady Penelope

The term induction in the sense of joining a new company literally means formally admitting a person to membership or office. This term seems unexciting and unrepresentative of what the process should be. Think about what starting in a new job should mean – anticipation, hope and renewed vigour to face the tasks ahead. In this way the induction process ought to be more likened to electrical induction or charging an isolated conducting object by briefly grounding it while a charged body is nearby. In the first instance it might seem a dramatic comparison, but it is a much more exciting envisagement of introducing new team members into a company.

In the context of a current member of your team imparting their knowledge and enthusiasm of a company to new starters it is not a great leap of thought to see this as ‘charging’ them up, ready to start their new career with verve and passion.

At UKFast we feel the key to a successful induction is educating those who are starting their career with us about who we are and what we stand for.  It is relatively easy to teach people about the different products and services you offer, but much more challenging to instil a belief in the company and direction it is heading.  At the end of the first week in your company how many people would know your company mission or where the company is aiming to be in a year’s time? Perhaps as important as this do you know where they want to be within the company in a year’s time?  The induction process is a two-way street.  As much as it enables new team members to get to know the company it enables the company to get to know them.

An induction process that includes a coffee with the managing director and informal introductions to the new team you will be working with is worth its weight in gold to any new starter.   Making people feel like a true, integrated member of the team as quickly as possible should be the over-arching aim for any company who is introducing new people to the business.  If you charge people up with enthusiasm to succeed and place them in a circuit where they are a fully functioning element you will create a massive buzz!