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Having Fun is all in a Day’s Work at UKFast!

When you walk into a job interview and all around you is the overwhelming sense that people in the workplace are having fun, it makes you want the job even more. Similarly when you and your colleagues are having sandwiches and tea at the top of Mount Snowdon after climbing it in driving rain, it makes your team feel unbeatable. When all those around you are achieving their goals at a lightning speed it makes you feel unstoppable too.

If you can picture this then you will have some idea of what it is like to work at UKFast, which has recently been voted as one of The Sunday Times Top 100 SME’s To Work For. It is no wonder then that the company itself is high achieving when employees are motivated, positive and most importantly – having fun.

Other such highlights of a typical working week include fierce competition over the table tennis table, dress down Friday (which very often is a themed dress-up Friday – particularly amusing when the theme is St Trinian’s) and team-building focus days which include such forfeits hopping to and from your desk on one leg….all day! Of course, as with any other business there are tasks at hand and targets to be met but achievements are made as a natural result of teams who completely believe in each other’s abilities.

For companies who want to achieve great things I can recommend nothing higher than growing a lively, dedicated team of people and sustaining an atmosphere of positivity and laughter in the workplace. Working as part of a team who persistently meets their goals whether a weekly target or getting to the top of a mountain, gives the business as a whole a sense of momentum.

UKFast is recruiting at the moment, looking for more like-minded people who wish to have fun at work! And for those business owners who are looking to become a great company to work for…your first stop is creating a team who believe in their ability to succeed.

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