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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Power of Incentives

26.3.2010 by Lady Penelope

What do the following things have in common? Ski trip to Richard Branson's Lodge in Verbier Ted Baker Suit X-Box Selfridges Vouchers iPod Touch You wouldn't be mistaken in thinking that these are the items on the credit card bill of your average millionaire. In fact, what all of these things have in common is that they are all reward incentives available to members of the team at UKFast. In the debate of monetary vs. non-monetary incentives it is believed that there is greater value to team members of tangible gifts and rewards over extra money in the bank.  What…

Building a Team the UKFast Way

25.3.2010 by Lady Penelope

Team-building is a widely used term in business referring to activities that improve team performance. There are companies dedicated to providing Team Building sessions, days and breaks which promise to 'improve company performance' and 'tackle workplace issues.' One question springs…

The Unnoticed Internet Milestone

24.3.2010 by Pingu

Last month a significant milestone was achieved, but it would have passed by most people unnoticed. The Apache HTTP Server announced its 15th anniversary. (more…)

Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx) Beta 1 released

24.3.2010 by Pingu

This week provides a little extra excitement in the world of Linux. The newest version of Ubuntu (10.4) has been released for testing! (more…)

March 2010 Security Bulletin Release – follow up

24.3.2010 by James Crawshaw

Following on from the early March post regarding Windows update releases, further feedback sessions hosted by Microsoft resulted in the following Q and A summary. Q: What is it about the Internet Explorer Pressing the F1 key that would trigger…

An Electric Induction at UKFast

22.3.2010 by Lady Penelope

The term induction in the sense of joining a new company literally means formally admitting a person to membership or office. This term seems unexciting and unrepresentative of what the process should be. Think about what starting in a new…

New hardware tech: Intel 5600 CPUs

19.3.2010 by James Crawshaw

Intel & Dell have been at it again.  Both companies have release new server/processor and associated technologies. Intel, having released the Nehalem based 5500 'Gainestown' series processors back in early 2009 are now releasing their 5600, 'Westmere' series processors. At the time of…

Choosing the Right Data Protection Routine

19.3.2010 by The Brigadier

How do you choose the right data protection routine? The impact of data loss or unavailability is an area of concern to any business that associates any level of importance to their online presence. The level of concern is determined…

The ISO27000 Standards – What’s it all About?

18.3.2010 by Jenn Granger

Before embarking on ISO27000 let’s start with what ISO standards are all about. Born of the Second World War and the ‘Space Race’ ISO standards were conceived to ensure conformity and a minimum standard for products and services – products…

Guide to Load Balancing

17.3.2010 by Jenn Granger

Load balancing is a technology used in the dedicated hosting arena to spread work across a number of servers with the goal of increasing capacity, speeding up response times and avoiding downtime. As opposed to the traditional route of pointing…