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Google’s New Speed Algorithm

Mohammed Ali was famous for the ‘power of intention.’ He would psyche out an opponent by telling them that they were going to get knocked out in the third round.  He would be concentrating on meeting this goal and importantly, so would his opponent.

So, having spent the last 10 years at UKFast speeding up the internet and advising clients that speed offers huge user experience gains, it’s very gratifying to see that Google is now publicly acknowledging this and talking at conferences about it.

In the past we often met resistance, particularly from SEO companies, to our message that speed helps to increase your rankings. People would say, “I haven’t heard Matt Cutts talking about this.”

Well, if you still haven’t heard the much respected Google in-house evangelist talking about speed and algorithms then now’s your chance.

Here’s Matt Cutts discussing the new algorithm change that will see Google reward websites that load faster in organic search.

Power of intention or just internet progress? Either way – user experience is being put first online which has to be a good thing.

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