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Go Windows 7

4 November 2009 by Micro-Clouseau

I cant advise this enough.  This is a great OS.  The Vista OS was good in my opinion and this is a better more streamlined version.  People state that Vista was buggy and sluggish – depends what you did with it and what hardware you ran it on.  Windows 7 does strip out this complication as the driver set has matured along with Vista (Vista drivers were a great test-bed as the core of Windows 7 is the same).  The sluggishness assumed to be the fault of Vista is part down to drivers but they have also completed extensive work to slim down the kernel to speed up the OS itself.  Plenty of functionality upgrades include power saving to take advantage of the newer more powerful (yet more power savvy) processors.

For a bunch of hints and tips on Windows 7 adoption and usage head here, where MS have some great Technet information.