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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Billion Views, The Planet’s Favourite Channel!

20 October 2009 by Stephen McNamara

If anyone was still in doubt about web users’ appetite for watching streamed content online then YouTube’s latest figures should be all the convincing they need. The website’s founder, Chad Hurley, stated last week that YouTube is now getting over a billion hits a day from a global audience hungry for video content on the Internet.

The staggeringly large figure reinforces just how incredibly popular YouTube is and it shows that online video is a powerful media for today and for tomorrow.


A billion hits is the equivalent to one in six of all people on Earth visiting the site on a daily basis. In reality the figure does not represent an audience of a billion, instead the viewing numbers will be in the no less impressive millions but that in its self reflects the powerful draw that YouTube now commands. Consider everyone you know who uses the Internet and ponder how many of them never visit the YouTube site. The answer is probably very few.

The reasons for the online channel’s popularity are numerous. Specific content draws a deliberate audience but perhaps the most important factor is the incidental audience. That is those who are draw in by videos and video links posted on other sites. In fact, if we consider our own use of YouTube, probably more often that not we find ourselves on the site without having consciously wanting to end up their when we started browsing.

This indicates the power that streamed video content has to engage the online audience and its potential for boosting visitors to our own sites. UKFast has an in-house film department that’s main purpose is to populate with quality video content.

We have dedicated resources to this endeavour for many years now because we understand the value online video offers. Our videos are very popular but they also uniquely offer a window into our business and the people that make our business tick. They help to show the human face of the company.

YouTube enjoys a significant incidental audience but the reverse can also be true. UKFast has its own YouTube section where all of our videos are posted. Currently, there are hundreds of UKFast titles on the site with a viewing audience of thousands. So YouTube has become a window on UKFast.

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then in 2009 a YouTube streamed video can reach a billion minds (nearly!).