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Karmic Koala – 2 Weeks to Go | Ubuntu Server 9.10

13 October 2009 by Pingu

It’s been planned for months, the changes are all documented and even the next in line is already being worked on. None the less the excitement around the upcoming Ubuntu release is mounting!

The new version of Ubuntu brings the usual bug fixes and package updates, but also lots of new software. This release includes more support for virtualization technology, both natively on Ubuntu servers themselves and via third parties services like Amazon. It now offers an entire enterprise grade platform for running virtual servers, all for free.

All the information about Ubuntu releases are publicly available long in advance. There are no surprises when the final version is ready for download. No excuse for developers to claim unexpected changes have broken the website – new features and bug fixes are addressed and added to the public development version of Ubuntu daily. You can download and install any development branch, which can give you a feel of an upcoming version in advance of it’s official stable release. Users can give their feedback and criticism to the developers and then submit their own fixes to problems, just like all well maintained Open Source projects.

It’s worth pointing out that Karmic is a standard 18 month support release, running through to April 2011, after which users will be expected to have moved onto a newer version in order to be kept secure and stable. But don’t worry! Ubuntu’s next Long Term Support (LTS) edition is due in April 2010, and will keep servers secure through to 2015.

Ubuntu Timeline

Ubuntu Timeline