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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Speeding Business Growth is a Shared Experience

8 October 2009 by Mother Superior

Accelerating business growth is a big focus for us at UKFast. So, it helps that we have firsthand experience of what it is like to be a growing company. Having synergies with our clients allows us to understand their needs.

UKFast was originally set up because Lawrence Jones experienced sub-standard hosting in his previous business. A gap in the hosting market was there for someone who combined first class technology with industry-leading customer care. We have never forgotten what it is to be a business that relies on its hosting.

With our clients growing around us, we now find ourselves as a company that has gone from little more than 50 in the team in 2008 to 100 going into 2010. Sitting amongst our clients in the Sunday Times TechTrack 100 means we are once again going through the same experiences they are.

Sharing these experiences is another way to deliver great service.

Last week, when presenting as a finalist at an awards day, the panel asked me a question we are often asked. ‘Growing from a five person business to 25 is one of the big leaps, but 50 to 100, that’s another challenge altogether – how have you coped with this?’

A business that has the right blend of culture and structure will always ‘cope’ with growth. At UKFast, growth has not been a forced decision but a necessity. We are lucky to have always nurtured a strong culture but going into 2009 we also recognised that a business structure to complement growth is crucial.

If you put the processes in place to shape a team member’s day for maximum enjoyment and productivity, it means that they will give 100 per cent and this commitment will go a long way. Taking this approach also means that training falls in line with process and this allows a business to get new recruits up to speed very quickly.

As a hosting provider, we recognise that we are an element of every client’s process driven structure. Our service contributes to their ability to achieve 100 per cent and because we know just how valuable that is to a growing business, we’re able to deliver with conviction.