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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

What Accelerates Online Business Growth?

14 August 2009 by Mother Superior

The internet offers a platform for growth which has never before been as dynamic, practical or widely accessible. Online there are thousands of companies all competing for a place in the spotlight, so what accelerates those online businesses that are the most successful?

In 2009 we are ten years into the development of the internet as a viable business platform. We’ve overcome teething problems and websites have stopped resembling flat, single page flyers, and instead we’re offering dynamic, interactive services and added value for web users.

I believe that in summer 2009 we’re in a stage of rapid revolution. Mental states are changing, websites are no longer a whimsical last-minute addition to a marketing strategy they are intrinsic to our future success. I believe that the internet has truly taken off. But who is making the most of it, and more importantly, how?

At UKFast we’re running a campaign to persuade online businesses to speed their websites and yes, it has caused some controversy. But I’m sticking to my guns here, this is not some marketing ploy, I wholly believe a faster website will give you better business results.

As the host at the helm of 250,000 domain names UKFast has an overview of the industry and the sites which we have speeded up have invariably witnessed great results; whether that is in terms of search rankings, profit, turnover or PPC.

Speed always dictates a better customer experience whether you are waiting for a webpage to load or queuing in McDonald’s – and I welcome any feedback on this point.

One of the fundamentals of a great business has always been and will always be the level of service you can offer your customers. Is this different online? Do people prefer their content delivered slowly in order to exercise restraint? Or diligently matured for ten years perhaps? I doubt it.

Basically, a fast website through which to deploy your dynamic content is vital to setting a high level of customer service. Plus, Google wants to offer the best website to its search users because it needs people to return. Remember Google has an eye on the competition too.

Google says speed is of great importance online. It’s is naïve to believe it doesn’t take it into account in the search engines. But even if Google had never uttered the ‘S’ words I would still believe speed is intrinsic to online success because without it progress (ie. Your online video, ecommerce and interactive social networking sites) would cease. And where would that leave us?

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