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You Need the Love of a Good Google

4 August 2009 by Stephen McNamara

To be a success online you need many things – a great idea, determination, a little capital etc. But top of your list has to be Google Love. Trying to grow an online business without it would be like trying to hold back the tide – impossible.

But what is Google Love?

Google Love: (Goo gle Love)|goo:gul:luv|noun

What your business experiences when you align it with Google’s speed model. Result – better Google rankings, better quality score, lower PPC costs, more traffic, longer visit duration, more pages visited, more likely to buy, more likely to return.

Phrase: I want my business to have Google Love.

Google Love is what your business experiences when it delivers the attributes that Google believes are key to giving the end users a fantastic experience.

Central to this is speed. The faster your website loads the more Google Love you receive and that could mean that your search links appear higher that rivals who have spent more on their Adword terms.

Find out how to achieve Google Love

Many UKFast clients are enjoying the warm enveloping feeling of Google Love right now. This includes a growth in traffic of 300% in a month for one and a 300% sales growth in just a week for another.

Read about more unbelievable achievements UKFast clients are getting with the speed of our network and the attainment of Google Love.

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