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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UK Government to Get Serious on Cyber Crime

10 July 2009 by Stephen McNamara

Following in the footsteps of the US, the UK Government has launched the first national cyber security strategy designed to offer a co-ordinated defence against the ever increasing threat of cyber crime.

The move is an attempt to achieve greater communication between the various national and international agencies and the business and IT worlds to deliver a more intuitive and responsive defence.

An Office of Cyber Security (OCS) will be established in Whitehall, while a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) will be placed in Cheltenham. Their remit will be to create a united and coherent UK response to the cyber threat.

The news, in conjunction with President Obama’s recent announcements of similar action in the States, represents a significant shift in thinking by governments to a realisation of just how costly cyber crime is.

US President Barack Obama said the cyber threat was “one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation”. Now Gordon Brown’s Government is also catching on.

And a co-ordinated approach is the right course of action. Information is power and we can empower each other by sharing knowledge of cyber crime activity. Furthermore, our online systems are linked so points of weakness can potentially expose us all.

And we are not talking about insignificant operations. The web is now home to big business with millions of pounds traded every day online (adding up to an estimated UK total in 2009 of £68.4 billion). Access to critical infrastructure such as energy and banking networks are also now accessibly online.

This is why tackling cyber crime is vitally important. The potential disruption is huge. So it is gratifying that the UK government, in conjunction with others, is starting to give the issue the focus it needs. But let’s not leave it just to them. We can all play our part by ensuring our systems are fully protected. After all, it benefits us as well.

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