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Rapid Hosting Can Boost Business 300%

18.7.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Google agrees with UKFast that speed is vital to deliver the experience web users demand. In fact, Google is now so keen that we all do our bit to ensure the internet runs as quickly as possible that it rewards fast sites with higher organic rankings and has launched a helpful website that gives tips on how to improve your website speed. Therefore, fast hosting can deliver high Google rankings and extremely happy customers. And that means repeat customers, more traffic and bigger profits. And if you host with the fastest around you get a competitive edge on your rivals.…

Cloud options- vCloud, Azure, Microsoft etc

16.7.2009 by James Crawshaw

This morning I read Alan Muphys blog over at the Virtual DataCenter site. He talks about the vCloud, Azure and Microsoft. I dropped a comment on his site which is still in moderation as I type but I felt it…

UK Government to Get Serious on Cyber Crime

10.7.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Following in the footsteps of the US, the UK Government has launched the first national cyber security strategy designed to offer a co-ordinated defence against the ever increasing threat of cyber crime. The move is an attempt to achieve greater…

Speed for the People

2.7.2009 by The Brigadier

At UKFast we’ve been talking about the need for website speed in terms of its benefits for SEO and dynamic content for some time. But let’s not lose sight of the driver behind making your web presence quicker - people.…