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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Right People in the Right Seats

11 June 2009 by The Brigadier


It takes individuals of many different natures for a business to operate successfully. Every person has a talent and personality that lends that individual to a specific role.

Some people are great organisers who exude practicality, others may be more sporadic but with a creativity that breaks down boundaries and gets them noticed. Each individual person has a different quality to offer your organisation. But according to a book I just read (Good to Great by Jim Collins) the challenge in driving successful business is first getting the right people on the bus and then getting these people in the right seats.

To me this makes complete sense – when people are in the right seats they do their best work. When they’re utilised wholly, they’re more passionate about their work. Take a walk down memory lane and I’ll take a bet that at school your favourite subject was the one you were best at. Or now, in the kitchen, your favourite dish is the one you’re best at cooking – because passion breeds expertise.

At UKFast our recruitment method is threefold in order to get the right people in the right positions. We recruit from interviews, psychometric testing and then a three month training period is embarked upon to make sure our new recruits fit into their team.

From experience we can confirm that this method works. And it works well. There are many different people at UKFast and each and every person has something to offer. We make the greatest effort to get them in the right role.