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What’s Chrome Speed Without Server Speed?

1 June 2009 by Stephen McNamara

Google has reiterated the importance of speed in its search rankings just as it has announced a 30% boost in response times for its Chrome web browser portal.

Google, in fact, suggests that speed is the most important factor of all in determining search engine results making it therefore vital for online businesses to ensure they have the server infrastructure that can deliver consistent top performances.

Apparently, the speed that your website loads by can vary from browser to browser, that is why the major players have been battling it out in the quickness stakes with Chrome and Internet Explored both bringing out recent research that suggests that they are the speediest.

However, the browser selected is irrelevant if web traders opt for second rate hosting. UKFast prides itself on having the fastest network in the UK. If you want to check out the speed of your site to see if your business is being harmed by a lack of server grunt visit the UKFast home page at

Meanwhile, Google’s Chrome continues to battle with the likes of the afore-mentioned IE, Firefox and Safari for browser supremacy. User reviews indicate that Chrome has got the speed x-factor but it still lacks the usability and toys of the more mature offerings.