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Google Forges on as Yahoo Throws in the Towel

28.5.2009 by Dick Branston

In the past week it has been suggested that search goliath Google is ready to anger some of the business world all over again by ramping up the ante on its controversial Adwords rules. In May last year there was uproar when Google announced that it was changing its rules to allow paid search ad bidders to bid on rival trademarks. The development was highly controversial because it effectively allowed companies to highjack the traffic heading for their rivals, thus undermining the rivals' hard earned market profile. One of the few crumbs of comfort the 2008 changes offered was that…

Twitting Money – Chapter Two

11.5.2009 by Dick Branston

About a month ago I blogged about the possibility of Twitter becoming a viable commercial venture for its owners. Back then I surmised that Twitter wanted it to be so, as did its venture capital backers who had pumped millions…