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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Winning as a Team

21 March 2009 by Stephen McNamara

Today the 6 Nations international rugby union competition comes to a climax with Wales and Ireland battling it out for the title. At UKFast we are big supporters of rugby, including sponsoring Premiership side Sale Sharks, so we are very excited about today’s three match ‘Super Saturday’ extravaganza.

Part of what attracts us to support rugby are the parallels we can draw between our business and the 15-a-side game. Lawrence Jones is unwavering in his belief that UKFast’s success is down to the people that work here. We are a leading hosting provider in the UK because it can be said that our team is greater than the sum of its parts.

The exact same qualities are what made Wales the 6 Nations grand slam champion in 2008. The Welsh players are all expert rugby professionals but what made them unbeatable in last year’s competition was how they combined as a team. Each game they delivered a better performance than their opponents to achieve the win.

The intangible ingredients for success in sport are the same for business: hard work, commitment to excellence and a steadfast will to be the best.

This afternoon Wales host Ireland at the fantastic cathedral of rugby that is the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Ireland is the only country still with a chance of winning the grand slam (winning all five games) but Wales can still win the championship if the team wins by 13 points or more.

Welsh pundits think their players will do it if they play at their best, as if Wales on top form is unbeatable. However, that is to misunderstand the real impressiveness of the 2008 Welsh grand slam and the threat posed by Ireland. No matter how talented your team is the keys are always to respect the opposition, not succumb to complacency and find a way to perform better than them. That is why Wales won last year and it is a great example for all businesses as they strive to more forward.