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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

IIS7.0 – why not?

18 March 2009 by James Crawshaw

With all the hype surrounding Windows Server 2008 it was easy to get dazzled by the bright lights of the big new features like its built in virtualization capabilities, the server core offering and the all new install process. In the mix with all this was IIS 7.0. I know that all of you keen web developers and internet junkies will be fully aware of this advance to Microsoft’s web hosting offering and hence why I am not going to labour on about it for too long; what I do want to go on to though are the benefits of it and hence the possible reasons to look to move your web hosting from IIS 6, Apache or any other http server.

IIS7.0 - better than you think?

IIS7.0 – better than you think?

So, a few of the benefits, according to Microsoft:

  • “Modular design and installation options allow installation of only the features needed, reducing attack surfaces and making patch management easier” – excellent, we always like to reduce the ability of people being able to attack us.
  • “Cross-site deployment allows you to easily copy Web site settings across multiple Web servers without additional configuration” – superb, anyone who has ever attempted the agonisingly painful task of trying to replicate IIS config and files from one server to many will be very pleased about this.
  • “Fast CGI support to reliably run PHP apps, Perl scripts, and Ruby applications” – at last, reliable IIS PHP support! Dropping the barriers that prevented Apache/Linux implementations from considering moving to IIS.

But you don’t have to take their word for it either, according to MS Operations (the Sys Admins at MS) – “IIS 7.0/W2K8 RTM is over 10% more efficient then IIS 6.0/WS03 SP2 in handling live web platform traffic”.

And I hear you shout “That all sounds great; I would love to move but I can’t! I’m stuck on Apache/IIS6 and don’t know how/don’t have the time to!”.

Here at UKFast (and as you can probably tell by the tone of this blog), we are Microsoft Gold partners keen to offer people all of the latest and greatest from MS. One of the key benefits of the relationship is our close association with the R&D teams at Microsoft and exposure to pre-release technologies including involvement in joint development programmes – taking advantage of the capacity of our hosting network and the UKFast R&D team.

Due to this close relationship with Microsoft, not only can we offer an upgrade service from IIS6/WS03 to IIS7/WS08 (as you would imagine), we can also offer a migration path from Apache/Linux to IIS. If taking advantage of the excellent manageability, increased performance and cross platform support offered by IIS7 is something you are interested in, please contact our sales team to discuss in further detail.

For more on performance and improvements in IIS7, read here. For more on future IIS developments, read here.