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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google is Still the Super Brand

2 March 2009 by Stephen McNamara

The Centre for Brand Analysis has published its UK Superbrands list for 2009 with some interesting inclusions. The first thing that stands out is that Google is top of the list, as it was in 2008. And its rivals are nowhere in sight. This reiterates just how powerful the Google brand continues to be.

The second trend that I noticed is the surprisingly high number of changes in the top 10 compared to last year. Only five survive from the 2008 top 10 and Rolls Royce Group is the only survivor that climbed the list. Google to be fair could not go up but Microsoft, BP and GlaxoSmithKline all fell down the list.

Sony and Nokia’s arrival in the top five is a big positive to the technology sector, which occupies four of the top five spots this year. Furthermore, while British Airways and FedEx dropped out of the top 10, London Stock Exchange and Bupa came in.

Interesting stuff, but how does the Centre for Brand Analysis determine its rankings? Apparently, Business Superbrands identifies the country’s strongest B2B brands according to the views of a panel of experts and over 1,500 business professionals.

So not a totally scientific or all encompassing process but yet still a worthy snapshot. It does offer a perception of the brands and this is what brand building is all about, particularly in the current economic environment.

And through it all Google remains top!