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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Now is Not the Time to Compromise on Your Green Values

28 February 2009 by Stephen McNamara

Innovation is at the heart of UKFast. It is one of our five core values because striving to be innovative keeps us at the forefront of our industry, standing out from the crowd in terms of what we offer to clients.

One of our key areas for innovation is the advancement of green technologies and business processes and recent research conducted in the US indicates that customers are still looking for such products.

This is down to a continued commitment to environmentally friendly policies and because green innovation often means cost savings through energy savings.

So even in a time of economic downturn you can continue to fulfil your green agendas while keeping to the balance sheet.

How do we at UKFast do this? Every generation of server hardware is more energy efficient than the last, so by ensuring that we are always sourcing cutting edge technology we can consistently deliver high energy efficiencies.

Furthermore, as a growing hosting business we are constantly expanding our stable of data centres. Each time we add a new facility to our network we insist on the highest standards of energy efficiency. This delivers the environmental commitment that our clients want while also affording us the opportunity to keep overheads down.

And we engage in other green initiatives, such as tree planting in Wales to offset our energy output.

While the current economic climate understandably leaves many businesses wanting to cut back, they should not compromise on their core values. By maintaining a steadfast commitment, firms convey to clients stability, honesty and reliability. The end product is reassurance and that is highly prized in today’s market.