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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

There’s Fast and There’s UKFast

16 February 2009 by Dick Branston

Back in May 2008 Google controversially changed its rules to allow companies to bid on rival trademarks. This afforded firms the potential opportunity to achieve top billing on rival terms. Understandably, this change generated a new campaign intensity that inevitably increased PPC prices.

However, new research from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising states average click-through-rates have decreased from 28.9% to 20.9% since the change, so companies are paying more to get less back. Who is the winner? Google certainly but in the long term so can you if you appreciate that it isn’t all just about PPC.

We have launched a new advertising slogan designed to convey the message that speed is key to a successful hosting solution. This is partly due to the obvious reasons that speedy servers mean quick loading websites and therefore happy online users. However, it is also important in terms of Google rankings.

Google rewards websites that deliver a strong customer experience, so quick loading and rapid responsiveness win big Google points.

PPC will always have its place in effective, rounded online marketing but remember the speed and reliability of your server is also crucial and maybe investing in a quality server solution from a proven hosting company will mean that you don’t have to be a slave to PPC campaigns.