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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Innovating for the Future

15 February 2009 by Mother Superior

UKFast reaches its tenth anniversary later this year, so it might seem strange that such a young company is placing a focus on future generations of leaders and team members.

The notion is however, something that Richard Branson amongst other business leaders would applaud. Branson talks in his latest book (Business Stripped Bare) about leaving a legacy for not just the next generation, but the next seven.

One of the best ways to do this within the digital arena, in which UKFast operates, is to play a part in the education of those who will pioneer the future methods and technologies. Who knows what advancements will allow the digital industries to continue to gather momentum over the coming years. What eco-initiatives will assist us in continuing to use our portion of this world’s energies without impacting too heavily on it?

While our current plans are under wraps, I wanted to blog right now about our intent to play a major part in the technology education available in the UK’s North West. We believe there’s little more important than inspiring the future pioneers and leaders of our industry. The first computer was successfully developed right here in Manchester, so here’s to the innovations of the future…