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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

More Training

12 February 2009 by The Brigadier

“The training budget has been cut” booms out the boss man!!! “Tough economic conditions means we need to strip out some costs and it’s coming from your area.” Does this ring true to you and your team?

We know in the current business climate many companies are looking to reduce costs. To the overzealous bean counter looking at the company cost spreadsheet, the training budget is often the first place their beady eye stops and the finger hovers over the delete key. It’s easy to slash the training budget, it only affects our people!

Now let’s look at this from a different angle. Surely in these economic times this is when your staff need training more than ever, this is how companies differentiate themselves, great people giving great service.

People still need training and developing if newer hires are to reach standards required and longer established staff continue to develop and keep their skills fresh. When the training budget has gone, the real leaders are the ones who roll up their sleeves and get stuck into training their people themselves.

Gone – The training course with neat presentations from the suits, interactive role plays and the nice sandwiches and cakes.

Enter – On the job coaching, mentoring, peer skill sharing and you. Find your marker pens, and enter the tried and tested – the good old white board.

Pull random telephone calls and get the team to evaluate them. Get one of your superstars to talk about how they closed that deal, sorted that tricky customer’s problem. Have a huddle at a convenient time with a cup of tea to get a key learning point across every day. You made it as a manager, you know your stuff, share it with your people, make them better and lead from the front.