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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Trusting a Business Partner is About Transparency

8 February 2009 by Mother Superior

Entrepreneurial MD’s are often less predictable than most. And UKFast’s man at the top is no exception. When talking recently about the various departments within UKFast, the turn of our 18 month old film department came up and Lawrence Jones said, “even if I ran a greengrocers, I’d have a video team.” It’s a comment that many may find curious, especially in today’s financially uncertain times. To me – it shows not only strong leadership, but an innovative attitude towards the current marketplace.

When you are under pressure to make the wisest procurement choices, the element of trust becomes paramount. Transparency is therefore an attractive quality in any potential supplier whether it’s apples or hosting you are selling. Offering as honest an approach as possible endears you to prospective clients who need to decide whether they can afford to allow you into their reduced circle of partners.

It’s your job as a business to work out how to deliver this kind of transparency. In my opinion, it’s hard to beat placing yourself and your services up there in video for the world to see. In eighteen months we have produced over 200 projects aimed at engaging our team, our clients and the business community and sharing with them our vision for the future of our industry.

The great adage – ‘show, don’t tell,’ could be one of the big differentiating factors in this recession tunnel. It will be interesting to see what the companies that emerge the strongest have held their focus on. For me – transparency has to be right up there near the top.