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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Best Company

1 February 2009 by Mother Superior

What makes a company a Best company?

The internet offers all businesses the chance to promote themselves to the hilt like never before – and there are those who will consistently over-egg their credentials. You’ll find thousands who punch well above their weight and scratching beneath the surface will often reveal a severe lack of substance.

So, how do we feel confident that we have found the best company for our needs? Especially important in 2009 when we require partners who will add increased value. I believe that one sure fire way is to identify a business’ core values, experience them in action and see if they connect with your own.

Earlier this week, UKFast was presented with three star accreditation as one of the UK’s Best Companies to work for. While the accolade is bestowed by an official body it is really gained for a business by its own team. The mainstay of the judging process is the employee questionnaire – every MD has to put their business firmly in the hands of their team and hope they’ve built a company everyone is proud to work for.

As one of only 55 companies in the UK to gain three star accreditation in 2009 we are very honoured to have a team that drives our culture forward. A team that is proud of and takes ownership of its collective core values. A team that allows us – as the only business in our sector that holds this three star accreditation – to say we are the best.

Now is a time for every business to strive to be the best. We’re lucky at UKFast that we can fly our flag on the values of being passionate, innovative, supportive, dynamic and professional. These values are at the heart of what we do. Having met with many of the other three star businesses this week, it struck me that they too were lucky enough to have core values that drove them forward.

And not surprisingly, they were all leaders in their respective fields.

You can find out more about best companies here. And about UKFast’s hosting here.