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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Power of Change

17 November 2008 by Mother Superior

So in the end the US Presidential contest was less of a battle than the preceding Democratic nomination process. But Why? Well it seems as though the message of change resonated powerfully with the US people.

Either Obama or Clinton would have represented change and as a result the Democratic nomination was a very close run thing. However, after 8 years of Bush’s brand of Republicanism, the American people were ready to embrace a fresh approach and so Obama v McCain virtually became a non-contest.

In fact, never before in US political history has the handing over of the Presidential baton represented such a launching pad for change. Political analysts are already hotly speculating the impact of Obama’s new direction.

For example, stem cell research, such a promising branch of medical science, is expected to be freed from its religious shackles. The US is also expected to front up to its environmental responsibilities and to work on improving its international standing.

If Obama does succeed with these policies, the US electorate will have used their power to invoke change to benefit all of us.

Scaled down a bit, the message of looking to change for a better deal can be equally applied to the business world. We are now familiar with the idea of ‘shopping around’ for our car insurance or phone provider but the same can be true for our hosting provider.

Not every ISP offers the same hardware and they certainly do not offer the same level of support. To get your hosting right you need the best of both. So don’t feel as though you have to stick with a bad choice. If you need dedicated, 100% reliable server hosting and your current supplier cannot deliver this, make the change.

Changing to the right hosting company can be the catalyst to success. Just like changing to a visionary new leader.