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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

15 September 2008 by Mother Superior

Statistical surveys are interesting not just for the results they show but also for why they show those results. It is often said that stats can be made to support just about any contention depending on the timing, question wording, sample group etc. And I certainly give a lot of credence to such a view.

The UK Government holds to the laughable position of trying to convince us that a crime survey of a cross section of society is a more accurate reflection of crime in the UK than official police figures. No doubt this is because the perceptions of most of those surveyed are favourable to Brown and co. Then there is the SNP holding off on a vote for Scottish independence because they know that right now they would lose. For them timing is everything.

So why am I on about surveys? Well this week a survey from security firm Finjan states that online businesses are now more worried about cybercrime leading to data loss than downtime. Don’t get me wrong, cybercrime is a very important issue that we at UKFast take extremely seriously. We use state-of-the-art security and firewall applications to ensure that our clients are totally protected. However, I am surprised that cybercrime would concern online businesses more than downtime.

The potential threat of downtime is at least as serious as cyber attack if online businesses use cheap and unreliable hosting. And downtime can be just as devastating to an internet business as a serious cyber attack. An online business needs to have a reliable online presence. If potential customers cannot access a website they can, and will, go to a rival at the click of their mouse. Then, once they have sampled the online services of the rival, they may never come back.

So we have considered the results, what about why the reasons for them. Firstly, businesses are rightly very concerned about cybercrime and data loss and so many would vote for it as the major concern at any time. However, other crucial factors probably included the spate of recent high profile news stories about UK Government data losses and the fact that the company carrying out the research is an online security specialist.

Online businesses should be serious about protection against cybercrime but they also should be serious about ensuring that downtime doesn’t happen. A dedicated server hosting solution will massively reduce the threat of either problem. For even greater reassurance, a total managed solution offers expert support and monitoring 24/7.