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Don’t Kick Google StreetView to the Curb

18.7.2008 by Mother Superior

Last week Google made front page news with the revelation that its StreetView mapping cars had hit the roads of UK cities. For those of you who don’t know what Google StreetView is, it is the 360 degree photographing of urban layouts to produce a complete online photographic record of any given point within the StreetView map network. Currently, a host of cities in the US and France have been photo-mapped and uploaded to the Google Maps website, allowing any internet user to view any street included in the network at any time. With the arrival of the mapping cars…

Is Video Grinding the Internet to a Halt?

14.7.2008 by Mother Superior

It is a familiar scenario: we need more space, so we will add more space, then we expand our habits to fill it and once again we need more space. This is a problematic circle that can be attributed to…

Viacom/YouTube Battle Threatens to Trample Web User’s Privacy

4.7.2008 by Mother Superior

This week a US court delivered a landmark ruling that raises questions about internet users’ rights to privacy. The ruling comes from the high-profile and very bitter legal dispute between YouTube and Viacom. In case you are not familiar with…