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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

ICANN Joins Google in Putting Boot Into Brands

27.6.2008 by Mother Superior

What is a brand worth? Well, a couple of months ago a lot more than it is now thanks to Google and ICANN. Successfully building a brand identity costs a lot in time, thought and money but the rewards are massive. A recognised brand is great advertising in its own right, it can instantly convey quality or suitability and alike. Ultimately it identifies your company and your products so the consumer is in no doubt about whom they are dealing with. Well that was until Google and ICANN came up with their bright ideas for the ‘improvement’ of the internet…

UEFA Boosts Profits With Bigger Online Presence

26.6.2008 by Mother Superior

European football governing body UEFA will no doubt be delighted with the quality of the on-pitch spectacle at this year’s tournament. However, Platini and co’s greatest delight will probably be reserved for their online profits. According to the BBC ,…

Is the BBC Website Good Value for Money

11.6.2008 by Mother Superior

Here’s a thought - As the BBC website is available to the world and therefore can be read by non-licence fee payers, should it be funded by the license fee? This is a pretty contentious point. With the validity of…