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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Established Businesses and Web Technologies

8 January 2008 by Mother Superior

A new survey headed up by KPMG adds further weight to the argument that B2B companies are not embracing many of the webs potent communication technologies because they do not fit in with traditional company procedures.

The survey, which draws its conclusions from answers provided by 472 executives worldwide actually pinpoints security and governance issues as the main reasons for the slow adoption of tools such as blogging, podcasting and wikis. However, combining this with many meetings I have had with executives over the last year or so, I would say that the fears about changing company policy and transferring trust and responsibility are at the heart of the decision.

A large number of executives in decision making positions at long established organisations simply do not feel equipped to give the go ahead. This is why the areas of the business community that have exploded onto the web 2.0 scene have been driven by the SME community. Smaller machines have less key decision makers and arguably less policy and red tape, allowing them to move with the times much more successfully.

What’s the solution? I guess it’s education. One executive pointed out to me recently that people simply don’t know where to go to start acquiring good technology services and many CTOs have let their knowledge slip over the years and find it hard to admit that they need to refresh their skills and move forward.

What businesses need is to be presented with substantial proof that changing their working model and including web 2.0 techniques will bring tangible economic benefits? I believe this information is available but also think that a psychological shift has to occur for many decision makers to be ready to consider the options seriously.