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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Empower Business With Online Video

4 January 2008 by Mother Superior

As ever there are many blogs about what the big trends of the next year will be. Some say widgets will guide growth online, others believe personalisation of online services will be the focus. In the business community I believe we are going to see media empowerment. Written content will continue to be the main format for business commmunication but online video is going to prove to be a very potent force allowing a stronger voice in ways that we haven’t seen before.

As a hosting provider, UKFast is able to look at thousands of businesses and draw conclusions about excellent business practice from those who are competing at the top of their chosen fields online. What we can see is that the companies growing at the fastest rate are those who are truly engaging with their audiences and communicating with them through multimedia formats.

Imagine how much more Northern Rock could have done to bolster customer confidence in the aftermath of the crisis if they had taken a more personal approach to informing their customers. The website included a list of FAQ’s regarding the situation but they could have posted video from senior management talking direct to each customer. This would have been much more effective.

Crisis management is just one area where video is priceless. I think we are going to see a boom over the coming months in video being employed directly on company websites as a new element in the drive to build trust with the target community.