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Web Content That Improves Your ROI

31.1.2008 by Mother Superior

In relation to other advertising mediums, the internet is just emerging from infancy. It's no surprise then that many people are still not getting sponsored links right and essentially throwing money away by delivering poor relevance. Search engines reward on relevance for a very good reason - it's what the user wants. So if you place an ad online and it doesn't lead to a page that delivers on the promise of that ad - you are punished two fold. Users will not stay on your site and Google will in turn hold back from rewarding you. How can Google…

Internet Attackers Storm Valentine’s Day

18.1.2008 by Mother Superior

Following on from an earlier post about spam and the responsibility of the user to avoid encouragement, I thought it worth highlighting a particular attack that shifts its consumer focus. One of last year's worst viruses is known as Storm.…

Spam Increases – Are we to Blame

9.1.2008 by Mother Superior

December saw the worst proportion of spam to legitimate email that we have ever experienced according to a report by SoftScan. All the focus is on the perseverence of relentless spammers and not enough thought is being placed on the…

Established Businesses and Web Technologies

8.1.2008 by Mother Superior

A new survey headed up by KPMG adds further weight to the argument that B2B companies are not embracing many of the webs potent communication technologies because they do not fit in with traditional company procedures. The survey, which draws…

Empower Business With Online Video

4.1.2008 by Mother Superior

As ever there are many blogs about what the big trends of the next year will be. Some say widgets will guide growth online, others believe personalisation of online services will be the focus. In the business community I believe…

Google Must Redress in Order to Reward Businesses in 2008

3.1.2008 by Mother Superior

Google seems to be coming under fire at the start of this year with suggestions that 2008 needs to be about refining search and rewarding the right websites. The Guardian's Jack Schofield suggests that some of the information we read…