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Does Google Broad Match Work for Everyone?

8.10.2007 by Mother Superior

Google offers marketers a number of keyword matching options through its PPC AdWords centre. Broad match is the default option and it allows you to appear in results when any single word from your keyword phrase appears, but does it work for everyone? Recently I saw a good example of positive broad matching when searching for ‘Manchester digital.’ Appearing top in the sponsored links was Jet2. As many of its services operate out of Manchester airport it is likely to have chosen to broad match with a possible key phrase of ‘Manchester Flights’. You might point out that people searching…

Microsoft & Facebook – The Demographics Challenge

5.10.2007 by Mother Superior

In the search arena, there is one advantage Microsoft has over the market leader and this is the ability to target ads demographically. I attended a seminar yesterday organised by Don't Panic and Manchester Digital which included speakers from Google,…