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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Analysing a Client Base Geographically

6 September 2007 by Mother Superior

Every six months I take a look at where our new clients are coming from geographically and try to ascertain any factors that are leading them to choose their server hosting in Manchester. Naturally, the findings can help us with our marketing but the figures alone can also be quite interesting.

Yesterday I mentioned that 33 per cent of our new enterprise clients are coming from overseas and today I’m going to look at some other useful stats. It’s not surprising that more dedicated server installs were undertaken for London companies than any other area but the capital is also the only area where over 95% of new solutions were for brand new clients.

Other areas such as the East of England were more notable in the first half of 2007 for existing clients buying extra servers to strengthen their solutions. And while the North West has historically been the second fastest growing region for clients, the South West is now bucking this trend in its favour.

As internet marketing becomes more and more sophisticated it plays its part in connecting us with new businesses across the UK and beyond and it will be interesting to see how we use the knowledge gained in early 2007 to influence the figures that we see in early 2008.

I’d be interested to hear from others who are using similar statistics to strategise for future growth and what successes they’re experiencing.