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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The .tk Top Level Domain

19.9.2007 by Mother Superior

I have mixed feelings regarding the story about the little island of Tokelau and the way an entrepreneur has boosted its GDP by 10% by selling the top level domain name. Already there have been more than 1.6m domain names ending in .tk sold. It brings about the question of whether the people buying these names are diluting the search market for others. If the dotcom, .net, and others have gone for a word like 'guardian' should anybody be allowed to buy We know that many entrepreneurs have tried to buy Italian top level domains in the past,…

Pavarotti – How the Internet Responds

7.9.2007 by Mother Superior

This week has seen the death of a man who reached the absolute pinnacle of his career. Probably the world's favourite operatic tenor. The internet has allowed the public to share their feelings in a way that fans of Caruso…

Analysing a Client Base Geographically

6.9.2007 by Mother Superior

Every six months I take a look at where our new clients are coming from geographically and try to ascertain any factors that are leading them to choose their server hosting in Manchester. Naturally, the findings can help us with…

Overseas Invasion Targets UK Consumers

5.9.2007 by Mother Superior

As a hosting provider UKFast gets a glimpse of the way the online industry is developing slightly ahead of other businesses. Quite often it's easy to spot which areas of the net will grow fastest or which are levelling off.…

Considering the Value of Online Surveys

4.9.2007 by Mother Superior

Every year at UKFast we do a customer satisfaction survey and we include the results in our strategies for improvement. Having doubled in growth each year over the last four we now have a very healthy dedicated servers client base.…